Assignment 7

Our last project of the semester was five photos of whatever we wanted to take photos of. My project started with me taking photos of things that were broken or out of place with the buildings on campus. And I found my inspiration on the starirwell of one of the buildings. 

I thought it was great that I found a gum wrapper too. My professor liked them, even though a good amount of my classmates thought it was gross. Especially the one with the hair. I got asked why I didn’t photoshop it out and I said that it doesn’t take away from the image, it adds to it so I left it. (My professor even thanked me for keeping the hair in my image) So I was sitting in a stairwell taking photos of chewed gum, my boyfriend thought I was joking until I sent him a picture of my computer screen after I had one edited. Then he was extremely interested to know what my grade was for this one. All of our other projects were graded out of 25 points, this one was graded out of 75 points. I got a 75/75 on my gum trash photos. šŸ’ŖšŸ˜‰ 

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