Assignment 6

Images recycled. We had to take an image from another artist (photographer or not), and either recreate it or put our own spin on it. 

I chose Meatyard as my photographer, and as always I did more than one. (I like having options)

Here is the original by Meatyard:

And here is my interpretation:

Some of the feedback I got from this one was that the hands need to be whiter, but I didn’t want to blow them out so I kept some tone in them. 
Here is another original by Meatyard:

And my interpretation:

My teacher liked the way the movement made him look like a moth, but she said she would have liked the image cropped higher up, and she said that the background is too busy. 

Here is another original by Meatyard:

And my interpretation became a series:

Something my class noted was that all of my images very centered. They’re right. I hadn’t noticed because I was in such a rush to get these done by class time. This part of the semester was extremely hectic and I dropped the ball on this one, but I made it up on the last project. Recreating was something that I really needed to spend more time on. I would like to revisit this at a later date. 

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