Assignment 5

Documentary assignment. We had to document a relationship, preferably between two people, showing touch. We had to turn in five photos. 

I chose to do my assignment on my little brother. About six months ago his long term relationship of five years ended. It took him quite sometime to get to where he is now, and I’m proud of him for how he has handled himself through most of the heartbreak, and learning how to pick himself up, and learning about who he is. I wanted to document the relationship between his Harley and himself. He rides it whenever the weather will allow. 

Here’s what happened. I FINALLY got my brother to meet up with me to do these photos, he gave me about a ten minutes notice and I ran to where he was as quickly as I could. Turned on my camera and – no memory card. Crap. He said that if I went home to get it that he wouldn’t be there when I got back. Sooooo…I had to take all of the photos with my phone. I was supper worried that my teacher was going to call me out on it, but she didn’t. They were super hard to edit, it was basically done with a point and shoot, I had no control over. She did say that she didn’t like them and that they looked rushed (they were) and that they didn’t document enough of a relationship. Understandable. I’d like to take more pictures of my brother salmon fishing in the fall. 

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