Assignment 4

Intimate portrait. Our professor wanted up to be able to convey who the person was through two portraits. Intimate, meaning not a smiling sitting pose. But a candid, emotional portrait.

We were only supposed to use natural lighting, and portraiture isn’t my strongest style of photography. I find it hard to connect with people, so I turned the camera on myself instead.

This was the favorite of my class, I won’t lie. It’s my favorite too. 
My teacher was impressed with what I captured. Although these were actually taken last semester and I used one as a filler in my portfolio. Also I used a small penlight for the light source, and handheld my camera. I used my phone to connect to my camera and get the framing and focus where I wanted it. It was still extremely difficult. I took about 75 photos and got 3 good ones, that’s how difficult it was. But it was worth it.

I told my professor that I ustilized the blackout curtains in my bedroom and pinned open a small circle so I could control the light and get the flare on my one photo. It would have worked the same. Another student whose photography is exceptional in my class remarked that in the neck photo the chain of my necklace is in focus. (That actually wasn’t my intention, but I liked it so I rolled with it when selecting images)


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