Assignment 3

Opposing Landscapes 

We needed to have two landscape images for this assignment. One of a rural landscape ad one of an urban landscape. It could be done as a diptych or separate images. 

The first image I took was when my boyfriend and I went down to Watkins Glenn during the warm spell in February. We went to a bunch of waterfalls both on our way down and on our way back up. This one I took at Taughannock falls near Ithica. I waited for about five minutes to get this shot, I wanted the two people to be well into the frame for a scale of the immense waterfall. Having the ice helped the contrast in the shot. However my professor criticized it for “being too perfect.” She said it looked like I was trying to do everything with just one image. She wasn’t wrong. But it was a carefully composed shot that I took my time on and got it the way I wanted it. A long enough shutter that it would curtain the falls but quick enough that you couldn’t tell I was balancing my camera on the railing of a bridge, also the people needed to be sharp. I took a few photos just to be sure I got the one I wanted. 

I paired it with this photo that I took later from the top of Rockefeller center in NYC. I wanted to match the tall vertical waterfall with the tall Empire State Building. For this photo she said she didn’t like how soft it was. Which is something that I couldn’t really help. The photo was taken with the last light of day, as you can see some of the lights are starting to come on in the buildings. And again I didn’t have my tripod. I was handholding my camera lower than I should have but I had myself braced up against the glass in a corner to try to counter my low shutter speed which I needed not only because of the dying light but a relatively small aperature, I believe I was around f11 or f16 for this shot, I wanted a fair amount of clarity for the distance shot. 

Overall she said my waterfall photo should have been softer and my city photo should have been sharper, but I like them the way that they are. Their contrast between their content and their technical aspects are part of the bigger contrast of the nature vs the city. I wouldn’t change them. 


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