Assignment 2

Through the Photographer’s Eye 

This assignment was to photograph one object, but make it interesting. You could move the object if absolutely necessary but this was not an assignment biased on putting an object in multiple scenarios, it was about getting multiple views of one object. The requirement was three photos, I turned in more because I was unable to choose only three. 


I was one of the few students who met the requirements for the assignment. Most simply took photos of their object in different settings. I left mine where it was and took photos of it during different times of day, and at many different angles. 
At the beginning of our assignment our professor went through everyone’s photos with them one on one to get an idea of what everyone was shooting. My first set of photos I did was at sunrise. She had me show my entire set to the class, even though I was only using one or two images from that sitting just so everyone could get an idea of what to do. This was one of the photos from the set that she loved, but didn’t translate well into black and white, there are many hues that you’re missing like the blue light of sunrise and the orange ball that is the light source. She said that the bottle was almost distracting in this image and she wishes that it wasn’t there. She loved the fog on my window and the haze it created. She commended me for shooting at sunrise as well as the fact that I was on the floor for this shot, creating unique angles. My study of the bottle turned into a study of how light interacts with the bottle. Which is why I had a hard time narrowing it down to just three. I thought eight was too many so I put up five for critique, but the class asked about the other three, so I ended up putting them all up anyway. 

This was a fun assignment, although I believe she took too much time on it, which forced our last three projects to overlap and creating a bit of a panic for a busy college student with multiple final projects. Luckily I was able to keep on top of everything and nothing was turned in late. 


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