Assignment 5: Place 

The place I chose was the shop my grandfather opened. It used to be called Moosbrugger’s Sales and Exchange. Now it’s called C/T Grass, Dirt, and Snow, and it’s owned by a couple of friends. 

The first shot I got was of spare nuts and bolts on the shelves in their dividers. This shot was difficult using only my 50mm but I needed to because of the low light, I really needed the f1.8 aperature, my shutter speed was slightly below where I should have been hand holding it but I braced myself against the opposite wall and it came out with acceptable sharpness. 

Then o shot these tiny little drawers that they keep small parts like small springs and whatnot in. They’ve been there since my grandfather opened the shop, I love how they’ve aged. I actually climbed up on the shelves to get this angle. 
Here I wanted to take a step back and show the shelves, the narrowness, how packed they are, the true scope of the organized chaos that is the “parts department” of the shop. 
This is the same image, cropped in to give me the 8×10.5 image needed for the class, although I preferred the original so I showed them both for critique. 
Professor said that he wished that I had done the aisle shot as an HDR image, but he still liked it. He asked what lighting I used and I told him I used only the overhead flouressant lights you can see in the one photo. He was impressed I got useable images out of that darkness. But it’s all about how you use what’s available to you. 


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