Assignment 4

Assignment 4 was Available Light Portraiture. I had plenty of people who said they wanted to sit for me but none of them actually wanted to. I wanted to do something different from what everyone else was going to do so I wanted to do faceless portraits of people doing things.


The First image is of my friend’s son Connor. He bought himself a mini three wheeler and he loves it. He was behind the shop doing doughnuts on it so I went and took some pictures of him. A ton actually. But Connor has known me for a long time and he is used to me snapping photos of him so he knew to just do his thing and I’d get it. I don’t really like how the mud he is slinging up kind of blends into the trees in the background but I am working without the color separation. The professor said he would have preferred a shot of him like sitting against the front of the three wheeler after they’re both covered in mud, but what my professor failed to realize is that this kid doesn’t stop. He ran until well after the sun set that night.mccoy_print

A photo of my brothers hands while working on his girlfriend’s car. He was trying to do her brakes and they were seized on so he was getting quite frustrated. This is just before my dad and him decided to heat them with a torch to try to free them and get them off. The professor said he would have preferred there to be more grease on my brothers hands, make him look like he was working harder. My brother doesn’t like photos taken of him and this was taken while he was in the middle of something. I was more an observer, I was not about to be like hey McCoy, I know you’re frustrated right now but can you get your hands a little dirtier then sit just like that for me for a second? Not happening. mccoy_print-2

Another image of my brother, outside of work. His girlfriend had just broken up with him the day before this was taken. He was really tore up and he let me snap some pictures of him in the fading light before I had to leave for school. My professor asked me to reshoot this assignment because he didn’t feel I had executed my concept well enough. So I switched to straight portraits. This image still made the final cut.self_print

I added this photo, that I took of myself while taking photos for my final project Assignment. It was about 14 degrees out that morning and I could feel it. Unfortunately I decided to do the self portrait after the regular shooting that I needed to do, so I was already cold, and then I took my coat off to sit in the cold. But it was acceptable for the reshoot.eye_1_print

This I cheated on. Hey, At least I’m honest. So I took this photo in my bedroom at night with the light of a penlight that I use for work. So I had the camera in one hand, connected to my phone, in my lap so that I could see what the camera was seeing, and the penlight in the other hand. So I set the delay for ten seconds, hit the button, and quickly positioned the camera. Below are two more from that series that I wanted to do and just call it “Night Thoughts” Let me know what you think.



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