Assignment #2

Assignment #2 was selective focus. 

Much of my first assignment was done with selective focus, so This was more like a continuation of the first assignment. And since I already knew the kinds of photos my professor was looking for I could cater my photos to be what he liked. This first image was taken on campus in the new music wing. There wasn’t much light so I had to process it a little more than I normaly like to. I knew I could do it though thanks to raw files, so shooting it dark didn’t bother me. I didn’t want my focus to be on the foremost bolt so I focused on the second bolt. And the light coming in illuminating the threads on the bolts really helped it pop. 

The second image was taken out back of my friends shop, it is this very soft fuzzy plant. The sun was very low in the sky so I got that back 45 lighting on the edge of the leaf. I had to burn a little bit of detail of the veins back into the leaf but that’s all the processing that was done with this one. 

The final image is of the bottom of a lamp in my room. I really liked the pattern and the tones, the dust and the texture. This used the window as the main light source and then I also turned the lamp on so I could soften the shadowing of the far right of the lamp and deepen the shadow under the lamp. Also the book that the lamp is sitting on adds great contrasting texture. The only processing for this photo was the change to black and white. 

My professor complimented my ability to see the light in a scene and my ability to capture it. I didn’t get any negative feedback during critique, just questions on how I got the effects in my photos. Many of my classmates are very new to photography, but they are very curious and usually try out any methods we talk about in class. I tried to keep my photos lighter because I know that’s what my professor likes and I know I tend to be heavy. 

Going into critique I was worried my images weren’t going to be strong enough but once I saw where the bar was set as far as what my classmates did, my worries quickly dissipated. 

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