Assignment 1: Form

My first photo assignment was form. All photos are to be converted to black and white so there will be no color photos. 

The assignment was to be three photos. The first two are of dried roses. I didn’t know which one to submit, and I ended up showing both. 

I really like the composition of this second one with the one rose facing the camera falling off of the bottom. I like heavier photos. Apparently my professor does not. He didn’t like either photo. 

This photo he really liked. He asked if I used a macro lens. But I didn’t. Just a 50mm prime at f1.8 I focused the lens as close as possible then pulled my camera in and out to get the focus where I wanted. But he really liked my bokeh in this one. 

This is another one I liked. Some of the feedback I got was that one person wanted to see more of the wood siding. My professor asked me to lighten up the underneath of the stairs. And I got that it has good movement. 
I resubmitted a rose photo the following week. Thinking that I would need to raise my grade. When I got my grade it was actually and A- so it didn’t really need improving but I already had the photo printed so there was no point in not submitting it. 

He liked this one much better. Not as heavy. 

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