Sunflowers and camera struggles. 

Ok, so a week ago I went to the sunflower field in Camillus and took photos of the flowers. The next day I went to boldt castle in Alexandria bay, while I was there I noticed my camera would only focus sometimes. When I got home and uploaded my photos I saw in my bright sunflower photos that there was a good amount of dust in my camera. So I took it all apart and gently cleaned it. So today I took it back to the sunflower field with a friend of mine and her son to see if I fixed the spotty focus or not. Well it was still an issue. I figured out that my camera had somehow been switched to mf and the photos were basically in or out of focus based on my aperature and the distance of the subject. Half way through our shoot I figured it out because I was like well if I can’t get it to af I’ll just switch to mf and see what’s going on but it was already in mf. That’s when I remembered that two weeks ago I found my three year old touching my camera. She changed a lot of the quick settings but this isn’t nessecarily a quick setting. I mean it doesn’t have a hot key for a quick switch. I have to go through my menu. 

Anyhow I managed to get some good photos of the two of them. 

 I also took some cute full-length photos of them, but she hates every photo of her from the back, or that shows her stomach basically. *sigh* I think they’re cute. But oh well. I won’t post them because she asked me not to, but I’m not getting rid of them either. I’m so glad I figured out my cameras problem. It was really making me sad. All because of a noob overlook of a simple setting. Ugh. Lesson learned. 

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