Self Portraits

I went back to the cemetery where I did the trade shoot with Tinara to do some self portraits. My goal? Get something usable. I can connect my phone to my camera on my tripod. Handy huh? My phone shows me what my camera sees and allows me to press the shutter release right on my phone. 

This was actually one of the last shots that I got. I was getting the hang of posing (check out those legs šŸ˜‰) and this is the only shot with my phone in it, but I like the contrast between the old headstones and the new phone. This method is so so soooooo much easier than the whole set the timer and run thing. Plus with the timer I could never get the focus right (oh well). But there is a delay between pressing the button and the actual shutter release so a lot of my photos were like mid blink also šŸ˜’. 

These were two of my first shots. I need to work on composing my face. I was so worried about my body position and looking at the camera I kinda lost the whole putting an emotion on my face thing. So a lot of my photos I just have this blank stare. Although I do like the one of me more turned to the side better. I look more natural, like I’m waiting for something. And not awkwardly trying to take photos of myself. 

I got some closer up photos. These were easiest because I didn’t really have to worry about what I was doing with my body just where I placed it in the frame. And I’m not mid blink because I’m looking at my phone which is in my hand instead of trying to hit the button with my foot and be composed. 

I also did some composites because you know, my camera is on a tripod and they’re too easy not to do. 
When editing, because the majority of my photos are backlit I had to adjust the background and myself separately. I feel like it makes me stand out a little more in some of the photos but it also kind of makes me look out of place. Almost otherly. I enjoy it. Originally I had planned on doing the set in black and white like the set I did with Tinara but these photos just begged to be left in color so I did. 

I need more practice with my face. It was easier to compose with the close ups because I was looking at my phone at the exact moment I took the photo. But maybe I should invite along a friend to help me until I can get the hang of it. 

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