Model TFP With Tinara

A few weeks ago I did a model TFP shoot with a local model/photog named Tinara.


We started near this obelisk, and got a few different shots.


This was probably my favorite shot near the obelisk.

I planned on doing the whole set in strictly black and white, however this edit I did in both black and white, and color. The color really popped for me in this one and thats why I kept both although once it was converted to black and white I was able to push it a little further that would have made it look unnatural in color so they aren’t exactly the same edit, but close.

We then moved to this large, old standing stone that was in French. It was super neet and I plan on going back and doing some self portraits in front of it myself I loved it so much.


The contrast on this one is quite extreme, but I think that adds to the “vampire” effect we were going for.

This one I kept an edit of both as well because I really liked the orange tiger lilies in the back, and you lose out on them once the image is converted to black and white.

Also this is a composite shot. Funny story, so when we are shooting in front of this stone these two older ladies come walking up the hill and one of them says “I think you’re leaning on my great-grandfather!” and we are both looking at each other like “ah, craaap.” so the lady comes up and looks at the stone and says “nope, not this one. But it is a very lovely stone.” and I just reply “Yes it it!” I’m like crap, the ONE THING that could possibly go wrong with a shoot like this and BAM there it is. But anyway, we continue.

So the pose was great but the ladies were in the background of my shot by the lilies, and another shot I had with the lilies clear (no photo bombers) had a pose that I wasn’t crazy about, so I got fancy and combined the two.


This was another of my favorite shots from this session. Again, I went heavy on the contrast, but it adds to the “Vampire in a graveyard” effect.


Overall troubles I had with this shoot: I need more practice with my prime lens, it did not want to focus on her at all. Mostly it wanted to focus on the skull or on a neighboring headstone so I got a lot of “soft” photos… YAY -_- I would have had much better results if  I had switched to one of my other lenses so I could zoom in on her and focus, then zoom out. Or if I had noticed it and just switched to manual zoom…but the “soft” is so light that I couldn’t see it on my LCD display at the time of the shoot.

Also the model only brought one outfit, I wish she had brought more. Having her in multiple outfits probably would have given me more ideas. But its not bad for a shoot for shoot. (yes, she took photos of me as well) and my first model shoot. 🙂


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