Romleski Wedding

I shot a wedding three weeks ago for my friend’s Aunt.

I have since edited and delivered 250 photos, for cheap.

Here are some difficulties that I had with the wedding:

057.jpgIt wasn’t rehearsed, which meant that not everyone knew what they should be doing all the time. For example, the groom should be pouring his sand into the jar while it is being held by the bride. NOT HER MOTHER. Which made for some awkward photos. But its not like I could just SKIP the part where the groom is pouring the sand into the jar…come on!


061.jpgThe bride and groom didn’t actually touch at all during the ceremony until after I was like “PSSSSSST! HOLD HANDS!”


164.jpgAnother thing I struggles with was the lighting. See how damn BRIGHT it is outside? Because its full on sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, and the shade was HEAVY. It made for some heavily contrasted photos, but even this is after a whole bunch of monkeying around in ps to bring some balance to it. I need a good flash for times like these, but I don’t have one so I will just have to do what I can in ps for now.

249.jpgMy memory cards…were a NIGHTMARE during this shoot. So here’s what happened, During the getting ready I shot about 30 pictures on a card that I had freshly formatted that morning and it errored out. All the photos were still there thankfully, but it wouldn’t let me take any more. So I put my spare in. It was at this MOST FANTASTIC OF TIMES that my spare (16GB) card was like Nah, I’m full. And my other 16GB card wasn’t working and I was like SHIT SHIT SHIT. UH ok, I think I have enough pictures now… (while screaming in my head like why didn’t I bring a third card?!?!)

I have since invested in a high end 64GB card, and I will always carry two spares from now on because that was the most embarrassing thing to ever have happen to me on a shoot…

BUT overall it was a good shoot and I got LOTS of good images, and the bride got a wicked STEAL of a price. (I hope she understands that…)

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