Cancun Mexico

In February I shot my Aunt’s wedding in Cancun Mexico.

The resort offered a photographer for the ceremony, and some pre reception group shots, so I mostly just tried to stay out of his way during this time as he was being paid, and I was doing this as a favor and a thanks for bringing me to Mexico. Since the hired photog wasn’t catching anything before the ceremony, that was my duty. I loved it there, it was so relaxing and beautiful. Here are some shots I took of said wedding.

The rings and bouquets before the ceremony
Its all in the details

I actually got this shot as the bride was walking past me in her hotel room, getting ready. This was something that saws important to her, so I wanted to make sure to capture a photo of it for her, and it actually turned out much better than I was expecting, I really like the marble flooring. This would have looked so tacky on something like carpeting…but when your resort is literally on the beach, carpet isn’t such a good idea for interior design… and the lighting was perfect.

The groom getting ready

Something I don’t like about this photo is how messy the room is. I wasn’t expecting on walking into this when I went to her room to get photos of them getting ready. Had I known I would have definitely called house keeping to take care of the room prior to my arrival. But one of the brides favorite foods is cheese pizza, so I guess if she’s ok with it then so am I.

Getting the bride into her dress

Again, the alcoholic drink hiding in this photo. I couldn’t quite get it out and keep the photo looking realistic, so I left it. The bride and the bridesmaids were sipping on these things, so they were all over the room at any given moment. That was a nightmare too, but the sliding glass door provided tons of natural light for her room so it was still nice to shoot even though it was inside.

She actually had to have her sister sew her into her dress because the zipper wouldn’t stay up.

AGAIN WITH THE DRINK…and the messy stand…I seriously should have done a cleaning overhaul on this room prior to photos being done.

Bride LOVED this suggestion for a pre ceremony pose

I looked for two days prior to the ceremony for a wall where we could do this pose at the resort, unfortunately the resort is full of wide open spaces and rounded walls…so we just did it in their room at the last minute, and it ended up working out. The groom was on board, he really enjoyed being so close to her before the ceremony, even if he couldn’t see her.

The bride’s twin, they have matching “one of two” tattoos
The grooms surprise
He liked it

My aunt had told me how her husband-to-be had wanted fireworks on the beach after they got married, and was quite disappointed to find out that the resort actually didn’t offer anything like this, the closest thing they offered was sparklers after the first dance. She kept it a secret from him, but let me in on it so I could ,make sure to get the reaction shot when they went off.

This was a must have as well.

This was a hard photo to capture, because the father of the bride, could only hold up the groom for  second or two before dropping him, and he was shaky, and it was actually dusk…I don’t like the positioning of the groom all that well, with his thumb being in front of his face like that… but like i said, I only had a second to capture it.

BUT it was a MUST have photo. The brides half brother Curtis had taken a photo like this with their father shortly before he passed away. and now that the father of the bride was acquiring a new son, he needed the picture to match. this was our special way of saying “Welcome to the family Eric!” lol. I’m SOOOOO glad I actually got a crisp shot of this, thankfully Ashlee was like we are doing the dad photo, get your camera ready, so I was able to double check all of my settings before I started, since dusk was falling Im glad I did, otherwise this photo may have been blurred or just too dark.


This was my first time really taking out my new camera and doing an event with it, I was so happy with the way her photos turned out. I spent the two days prior sharpening my skills with the new body, they paid off i can tell you that…