Bridal shower. 

I shot a bridal shower on December 12th. Here are a few images from it. 


Here is the bride to be. (Obviously) 

The setup in the entryway. A jar for guests to  guess how many kisses. And a jar for date ideas, everyone is supposed to write a date idea on a stick and put it in the jar. Turquoise and silver are her bridal colors. 

Her sister put together a slide show of images to a song for her, all about her and the groom-to-be’s relationship. It was a tearjerker. 

  And they played a card game that was a lot like truth or dare but all related to the couple in some way. Mostly to the bride but there were a couple involving the groom too. 
One challenge that I had with this shoot was that I was using my new camera body, and although I had played around with it some prior to this event, it was still difficult for me to adjust settings on the fly. Which wasted precious time.

Another was that I was shooting in poor light, indoors,mostly yellow light and my camera really picked up the Reds hardcore. I had to adjust the color balance of every image afterwords which took more time than I’m used to when editing images. 

I was fighting a battle between the poor lighting and the aperture. Everybody was moving too fast for me to have the proper aperature to keep the whole scene in focus and not blur from their movements. And it was in two separate rooms with very different lighting in each. 

This event definitely kept me on my toes, I didn’t capture as many usable images as I was hoping, but I delivered 37 good images. They were happy and that’s all that matters right? 

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