Carpenter falls NY

A couple of weeks ago I went down to carpenter falls. The drive there and back was absolutely beautiful. Next time I go I need to not have a time constraint so I can stop at all the beautiful places on the way there and take photos. I was supposed to be meeting a model there to shoot, she had rescheduled our first attempt to go out there because she said her boyfriend and her were having issues that morning. 

So the at second appointment, I get there and I try to get a hold of her, while waiting at the agreed upon location, and I can’t reach her. So I go down and take some nature shots, I had never been there before and it was nice to see. Very beautiful falls. No graffiti or anything cluttering up the nature of the place. It was a very steep slope to climb down but it was worth it. 

Here is a shot of some stones I found stacked. 

Here is a shot of some flowing water taken with a quick shutter speed to freeze the droplets as they flow over the rocks.

These are not edited, they were cropped/straightened, but no edits other than adding my mark. 

Here is a before and after of a lovely natural stairway along the path.

  In this photo what I did was I adjusted the black point, because I found the photo to be too bright. Then to darken it up some more I burned the pathway itself. My reasoning behind this was that I wanted an egsaggerated contrast between the pathway in the trees and the light shining down. If there wasn’t so much foliage I may have been able to get some sun burst in there as well, I feel like that would have taken this photo to the next level. 

The next phot is a before and after of the falls themselves. 

 I knew I wanted the curtain affect for this shot, so I had to slow my shutter way down, unfortunately without a filter I overexposed the water directly in front of me. Considerably. I really couldn’t push anymore mid tones out of it. I bumped up my black point again, and burned the rock shelf behind the falls. It’s quite a deep shelf, but because the sun was out in full force, you can’t tell that from my photo. I duplicated the image in a new layer and set the blend mode to overlay to push the trees at the top of the falls without losing color or burning out any details. The curtain of water I left completely alone. 

Things I did wrong: only carried my 50mm lens to the bottom of the gorge. So I had to be really far away from anything to shoot it. Also it was impossible to get a wide shot of the valley. Long exposure shots had to be shot from down low because I had to rest my camera on the rocks. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just forced me to be more creative with my shots. 

I may add some behind-the-scenes type of shots to this post as well tomorrow, but I need to be on my computer for that. So until next time, get dirty and have fun! 

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