Moms Day was Zoo Day

I asked for Mother’s Day, to go to the zoo. So we went. Of course I brought my camera. I wasn’t so interested in getting shots of the animals as I was to get shots of Vivienne looking at the animals and her reactions to them. Unfortunately it started raining pretty bad so we could only see the inside animals, like the fish and the desert animals. Where the lighting is very minimal. I did get a couple of ok-ish shots thanks to my new 50mm lens, unfortunately between people walking between Viv and I, and her not being able to stand still for more than a millisecond combined with the poor lighting just about every shot I did get was blurry. She would be still long enough for my camera to focus and just as my shutter opened she would turn to say something to Darric or to me, or look back at one of us for approval. I got a great shot of Darric and Viv in front of the Penguins as a couple were swimming by, but Vivienne is looking at Darric and clearly not at the Penguins zooming by right in front of her face… 

Here is one of the few good pictures I could get of her. It was just starting to rain as you can see if you look at the surface of the water or just over the head of the guy in the pink shirt in the background. 


This was on our way in to the zoo. Darric kept walking too close to me so all I could get was close cropped photos of him carrying her. As irritating as it was it made me stop and think-ok, I’m walking and taking photos and he won’t let me far enough away, how can I frame this? The answer? I had to time our steps. I got three photos. One you can barely see Viv because she turns to look at something behind us, one you can’t see Darrics face, just his chin. And this one. I like this photo a lot because it shows a lot of Vivienne’s what the hell attitude. Darric hates it but I think it makes up a part of her and id rather get to know her than try to force her into some mold of who I think she should be. 


Vivienne points to a fish in this one, and she is in focus for the most part, because she was talking. It was Darric who chose this second to shift his weight from one foot to the other that is out of focus, as well as the moving fish. But I can only get one thing in focus with such little light and so much movement. 


This is Vivienne’s way of saying “did you see it?” She looks back at you with this giant smile on her face. She’s so excited to spot the fish darting back and forth between the rocks and coral in the aquarium. 


This is my favorite shot of them by the Penguins, even though there are no Penguins in this shot. Darric is too tall to stand under the rock that it the roof of this little “cave” like viewing area, so he crouched down to be next to Vivienne. Once she saw what he was doing she also had to crouch down even though there was no risk of her bumping her head. She just wanted to be like dad. 


Darric holding Vivienne in front of one of the desert animal exhibits. He looks very uninterested in this photo, and Vivienne is trying to figure out what animal this is. She knows her basics, but these are entirely new to her. I think these were lizards. 


Overall I learned that I should not go to the zoo when it rains, but Vivienne had fun and so did I so that’s what counts. And although conditions were difficult, I still managed to get a couple of worthy shots. 

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