Something New

I’ve been wanting to get myself a 50mm lens for the longest time, literally like three years, but every time I start seriously considering it, something happens. For example, today I made the decision. I am buying myself that lens no matter what. I need it. It’s a basic photographic staple and my damn kit lens ain’t doing it for me. I mean yes, I can make it work, but I’m not magic and there are times you seriously need that 50mm. So I’ve convinced myself I need it, I’ve planned to go get it. About half way to the store my car is like YO STOP! (Not really) But this big red triangle with an exclamation point in it turns on and my airbag light comes on. And I think gee maybe today isn’t the day after all. And I say to myself “self, you shut that trap and you go buy that lens”…so I did. 

And I have to say. I’m in love ❤️📷🎉

I want to have a parade for this lens. It is everything I’ve ever been searching for plus some, and it was only $330 (with a two year no questions asked warranty because you never know, and I’m not that brave)

Here are some low light shots that I took while the sun was going down (as in as soon as I got home I ripped it outta that box and slapped it on my camera) 

These are photos of my daughter and are not to be taken, used, or altered in any way for any reason without written consent from me, as both the photographer and her mother. Thank you. 


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