First time at Green Lakes

last Sunday I took my first trip to Green Lakes, it’s a state park near Syracuse. It was absolutely beautiful there. Here’s a picture I took showing the reflection of the sky in the crystal blue waters. 


This photo was simple enough to edit, all I did was increase the contrast slightly, the tree in the water was too dark so I brightened it up some, then the pine trees in the background were a little washed out so I increased the contrast a little more over there and slightly increased the vibrancy. This was actually a stunning spot where I was trying to get a picture of what the bottom of the lake looked like as it stretched out and went from a light blue to a darker blue, but quickly realized I’m in need of a polarized filter. This just means that I will have to go back sometime this summer 😏

Here is a second photo I took while there, this shows more of the blues, I call it dizzying blues. 

To edit this one, all I did was duplicate the background layer twice and took the new layer and brought it slightly down and to the right both times and set the blend mode to overlay. This created quite a dizzying effect on the photo that I hadn’t originally intended, but once I did it I was like yup this is what I want. For me the dizzying effect was a good comparison to what I was feeling while I was there. It was a gorgeous day and the beauty of the water was just breath taking. Everytime I looked away from the water I would think “wow that water is just so BLUE, there’s no way it could be that blue” and I would look back at the lake just to see that yes, it was in fact that blue. 

In the future I would like to get a model in my old prom dress that is a light blue and gold and do their makeup to match and shoot them in the lake. I’d really like Carlee to do it but between her two softball leagues she plays in I’m not sure our schedules will line up with each other. 

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