Wedding day 

September 7th 2014 my good friend Charlena got married, and as her wedding gift I photographed her wedding for free. I’ve known Charlena since she was three or four. She’s 18 now. I’ve watched her grow into a wonderful human, and I was honored when she asked me to be her photographer. 

About the photo:

This is the bride and her step father as they’re about to round the corner and walk down the aisle. You can’t tell but she’s crying. It was a very emotional moment for her. I told them before hand that I wanted a picture of the two of them together right before she walked down and I’m glad I did. They came outside and paused long enough for Charlena to regain a bit of her composure. This exact moment is of her taking a deep breath to calm herself before the walk. I snapped this photo and knew instantly that I had the shot I wanted. She looked up at joe, then at me and I nodded to let her know I had it and that it was her show. It was kind of a “ready when you are” nod. 

Compositionaly I enjoy the extreme contrasts between the left and right sides of the photo. I even like the way her bouquet is slightly over exposed because of the direct sunlight. I love the look of pride, love, and pure joy on Joes face. And the look of nervousness on hers. She’s like me, doesn’t like to have all eyes on her, but when it’s your wedding, what can you do? The lines in the ceiling portion of the overhang aid in creating depth and a background, however minimal it may be. The first thing that draws my eye is the flower in her hair, then the bouquet, followed by the white of joes shirt then back to the bride. This is good because it keeps the viewers eye traveling through the image and they look at it longer. The concept I was aiming for was the butterflies in the pit of your stomach feeling. And I think I nailed it. 

I’m not going to lie. I cried during the ceremony, and the father daughter dance. But don’t think for a second that my photo skills were hindered in any way, I was still zooming around clicking that shutter like a madwoman on a mission. The DJ stopped me to tell me that it’s been a long time since she saw a photographer show any real emotion at a wedding and I told her that I’ve known the bride since she was little, and that this was my gift to her. 

Haines Wedding

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